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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Conclusion (the future?)

What does the future hold for the representation of Jewish women in comix? It’s difficult to predict. Some comic projects have little fanfare or advance publicity, while others with plenty of promotion are stalled or cancelled. 

I can tell you that Edge City and Pajama Diaries are still being syndicated & should continue to include Jewish content. 

Vanessa Davis has had short autobiographical pieces published in Tablet & those will probably continue as well. 

Leslie Stein’s semi-autobiographical Eyes of the Majestic Creature will strive to show Leslie’s viewpoints both internally & externally. 

Eye of the Majestic Creature. Story & art by Leslie Stein. Forthcoming from Drawn & Quarterly.

Broken Eggs will continue Emily Steinberg’s personal story, this time discussing job loss, unemployment & undergoing fertility treatments.

Broken Eggs. Story & art by Emily Steinberg. In process.

Unterzakhn by Leela Corman – partially serialized in The Forward – will be a fictional story which will have a mix of prostitution, abortion, fleeing the Old Country to make a better life in America & really bad dancing. 

Unterzakhn excerpt published in The Forward. Story & art by Leela Corman. To be published by Schocken/Pantheon.

Trina Robbins is hard at work on the graphic biography Lily Renee, Escape Artist : From Holocaust Survivor to Comic Book Pioneer

Cover of Lily Renee, Escape Artist : From Holocaust Survivor to Comic Book Pioneer. Story by Trina Robbins. Art by  Anne Timmons & Mo Oh. Will be published in Nov. 2011 by Millbrook Press.

And, finally, Barry Deutsch will be giving us 2 more books in the Hereville series, the 2nd book showing us the wedding of Mirka’s sister Chaya.

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  1. Some thoughts...
    first, I think that separating your look of Israeli (Zionist or not) characters from over al Jewish characters is surprising. There are some notable examples of such characters not necessarily in Israeli comics itself but in international works. The "Jobnik", Sabra's Character in the Marvel universe and the IDF soldiers in "Y the last man" are but some of which.
    Second, I fully understand why you wish to show only texts that had been published in english. However, I don't see how it prevents you from showing Israeli comics in english such as Uri Fink's "Tales from the raging region" or Asaf Hanukha's strips.
    A third comment goes to the many omittions of fine titles such as "Auschwitz", "A Family secret", "Market Day", etc.'. I guess some of which are famous enough not to be mentioned at this review and still have good PR. However, you did choose to present "A contract with God" and "Maus". So... I don't get it.