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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The Jewish women in the 1940s comics were primarily in adaptations. Rebecca, daughter of Isaac the Jew – a character inspired by Rebecca Gratz – appeared in 2 adaptations of Ivanhoe, where she helped the wounded hero and was, in turn, saved by him.

"Ivanhoe" Classic Comics #2  (1941), p. 23. Story by Waler Scott. Art by Malcolm Kildale. © Gilberton

"Ivanhoe" Classics Illustrated #2 (1947), p. 14. Story by Waler Scott. Art by Norman Nodel. Reprinted 1997 by Acclaim (NY). © Gilberton

Bible stories of that period were typically short, such as the 7-page story of Deborah and Yael

"The Story of Deborah" Picture Stories from the Bible #3 (Spring 1943),
6th story, page 7. Story by Montgomery Mulford. Art by 
Don Cameron. © Bloch

or the 4-page story of Ruth.

"The Story of Ruth" Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact v.4 #1
September 7, 1948, 6th story, page 3. Art by Lloyd 
Ostendorf. © George A. Pflaum

An exception was the 47-page Life of Esther Visualized adapted by Dorothy Fay Foster. The higher-quality artwork and lack of word balloons or captions gave the comic the feel of a picture book. 

Life of Esther VisualiZed (1947), p. 27. Adapted by Dorothy Fay Foster. Art by Anthony Abruzzo. © Standard Publishing Company

There was also a comic strip adaptation in The New York Post of the television show The Goldbergs.

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