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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


In the 1960s, there came another Ivanhoe adaptation

"Ivanhoe" Ivanhoe #1 (July-Sept. 1963), p. 16. Art by John Lehti © Dell

and another Ruth story, the latter based on the film starring Elana Eden.

"The Story of Ruth" Four Color #1144 (Sep. 1960), p. 17. Adapted by Gaylord Du Bois. Art by Tom Gill. © Dell

World Over Magazine included 1-page, 12-panel stories about Jewish heroes & heroines. These included mini-bios of Rebecca Gratz, Henrietta Szold, and Hannah Senesh.

"Henrietta Szold" World Over Magazine, reprinted in Picture Parade of Jewish History edited by Morris Epstein  (1963), p. 105. Art by Maurice del Bourgo and F.L. Blake © Shengold Publishers

On the lighter side, Neville Spearman published a paperback of one-page gags illustrated by Sergio Aragones who would become better known for his work at Mad Magazine. Fanny Hillman : Memoirs of a Jewish Madam used sexual jokes and stereotypes including the  “Jewish mother” one.

Fanny Hillman : Memoirs of a Jewish Madam (1965), p. 22. Art by Sergio Aragones. © Neville Spearman

One of the first golem stories in comics also contained one of the earliest comic rebbetzin. Her role in the tale was to be the voice of reason & caution, urging Rabbi Loew not to build the golem ; alas, her advice is ignored.

"The Golem" Ripley's Believe It or Not #7 (Nov. 1967), p. 1. Art by Joe Certa. © Gold Key

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